Illumina sequences DNA of Glenn Close


Illumina, which is headquartered in the University Towne Centre area, announced Thursday that it has sequenced the DNA of actress Glenn Close.

In a press release, the company said she is the “first publicly named female to have her DNA sequenced to full coverage” and one of only a small group to have this done.

The service was completed in Illumina’s laboratory “utilizing the company’s Genome Analyzer technology and following the established process shown at

.” The company develops, manufactures and markets systems used to analyze genetic variation and biological function.

In the release, Close stated, “There is bipolar disorder and schizophrenia in my family, illnesses that, like other medical conditions, are thought to have genetic underpinnings. As human sequencing becomes increasingly routine, my hope is that researchers will unravel the genetic aspects of mental illnesses to bring greater awareness about the diseases, de-stigmatize them and pave the way for more effective treatments.”

Jay Flatley, president and CEO of Illumina, said “We are entering a new era in genomic health where information from an individual’s genome will increasingly inform lifestyle decisions and ultimately assist with health management. Ms. Close has been active in health issues, and her participation helps bring attention to the potential benefits of individuals gaining access to their genetic information. With this information, physicians will be able to make better healthcare decisions for their patients in the future.”

The actress is the co-founder of nonprofit BringChange2Mind. The group provides support and information to the mentally ill and their families, the release noted.