Icelandic volcano will not stop Kyoto presentation in San Diego

Due to the Icelandic volcano eruption that has crippled air travel to and from Europe, Maestro Pierre Boulez, the 2009 recipient of the Kyoto Prize in Arts and Philosophy will not be attending Thursday afternoon’s presentation at the University of San Diego.

Although he is extremely disappointed to miss the presentation and the opportunity to interact with San Diego’s music community, Maestro Boulez and the nine talented musicians who have spent months preparing for Thursday’s event have insisted “the show must go on.”

To assist with the performance, the University of San Diego has enlisted the assistance of three very talented San Diego musicians.

The famed Jahja Ling, Music Director for the San Diego Symphony, will provide introductory remarks. And, Phillipe Manoury, an esteemed Professor of Music at UC San Diego has agreed to deliver Maestro Boulez’s prepared commentary while Steven Schick, conductor of the La Jolla Symphony conducts the nine-member orchestra’s performance of excerpts for Boulez’s famed Sur Incises

“It was devastating to learn that Maestro Boulez would be unable to travel to San Diego, however, we have assured him that in spite of his physical absence, his presence would be felt through his music and the beautiful video tribute,” commented Mary E. Lyons, president of the University of San Diego. “We are delighted to have the enthusiastic support of Messrs. Ling, Manoury and Schick, and assure are guests that this year’s Kyoto Laureate Symposium will be an unforgettable experience,” added Lyons.

The Symposium will be held at USD’s Shiley Theatre on Thursday, April 22 beginning at 3:30 pm. To register go to