How to Find Success in a Stalled Real Estate Market

By Carlos Gutierrez

Current Climate

Even though we are seeing historically low interest rates and have survived the crash of 2007, there seems to be a stalled market right now in San Diego County. While there may be plenty of potential buyers, there does not appear to be as many great homes for the average seller who wants to move up or down. The properties that


selling are in the lower $300-$500K range, and the high-priced homes over $1M. These are empty-nesters who are downsizing, recent retirees moving out of state, or homeowners with multiple homes selling off their second or third properties. And due to the low inventory, these sellers are cashing in: they are able to find an abundance of buyers who must bid against one another and are able to make cash offers on the properties that are priced well. However, even though the values are increasing, we are seeing fewer overall sales.

Cause of Climate

So why are the majority of sellers so hesitant to sell right now? Many sellers don’t want to go through the often tedious process of listing their property until they find their next home. But sellers also don’t want to accept contingent offers (offers based upon buyers who must sell their own homes first). This creates a domino effect of interested sellers who are unwilling to list their homes, and this essentially stalls the market.


The solution to both finding something reasonable to buy or to selling your home without the fear of where your next property is, is finding the right agent, someone who is both active and aggressive in this type of real estate market. There


owners willing to sell. So you need to find an agent who is constantly prospecting, seven days a week, searching out those interested sellers, those properties that go unlisted, and those expired listings from the market crash of the last decade. And if you’re thinking about selling, you want to find an agent who can give you a no cost, up-to-date market analysis of your home and is then able to match you with the right buyer. To find out your home’s current value, visit

As one of La Jolla’s premier real estate agent’s, I pride myself in being that active, aggressive agent who is willing to work around the clock to match up the right buyer with the right seller. In this current climate, you can’t simply trust what you find listed on the internet, you need to find an agent who knows how to find the perfect fit between a seller and a buyer, and then close the deal. And in many cases, that property might not even be on the market. I am that agent.

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