Proposed La Jolla noise wall set for community review

Proposal to extend wall near Hidden Valley neighborhood headed for planning group

Members of the Hidden Valley neighborhood near La Jolla Shores will bring their proposal to extend a 200-foot noise abatement wall along La Jolla Parkway before the La Jolla Traffic & Transportation committee and La Jolla Community Planning Association for input in the near future.

In September, the La Jolla Town Council unanimously lent its support to a plan by the Hidden Valley Homeowners Association to petition the San Diego City Council to extend the sound wall to the most eastern home on Ardath Road (which runs parallel to La Jolla Parkway). It was constructed in the early 2000s as part of a broader city street construction project, with the aim of alleviating traffic noise from La Jolla Parkway, though residents say it is far too short to mitigate the noise from the busy La Jolla entryway from Route 52 and Interstate 5.

According to Jennifer Nichols Kearns, director of communications for the office of San Diego City Council President Sherri Lightner, Hidden Valley presented their proposal to Lightner in December.

“They had a productive brainstorming session … and (Council President Lightner) will continue to work with them to improve their neighborhood,” Kearns responsed, via e-mail, adding that Lightner “suggested they work with the La Jolla Traffic and Transportation Committee and the La Jolla Community Planning Association to consider whether this project is a good candidate to add to La Jolla’s list of desired capital improvement projects (which are eligible for City of San Diego funding).”

Hidden Valley HOA president Richard Haskel, who started an initial petition including the signatures of nearly 50 residents along Ardath Road, said the project is moving at a snail’s pace, though he was impressed with the response from Lightner’s office.

“They knew the whole story and had done their homework …and gave us suggestions on how to proceed,” Haskel said. “We sort of took a holiday hiatus and we will prepare a presentation … and see what we can do.”