Here’s looking to the future without Promote La Jolla


By Rick Wildman

President, Promote La Jolla

The challenges faced by Village businesses have not been met because of the problems that have beset Promote La Jolla during the past year. However, the city’s Band-Aid, provided by the La Jolla Business Improvement District (LJBID), has finally begun to be applied with the first statements now going out to Village merchants.

The PLJ officers — the advisory board to the interim BID — have recommended that BID funds be applied to support the La Jolla Half Marathon on April 25 and the La Jolla Pet Parade this spring. With the hoped-for approval of the La Jolla Town Council Foundation, we should be able to keep the office open to provide minimal services until the funds from the BID assessments are available.

We also recommended that BID funds be used to support the hanging baskets and plants and the installation of power receptacles for the holiday lights.

It is apparent that, because of the still unresolved investigations into the past financial practices of Promote La Jolla, the only practical long-term solution will be the establishment of a new business improvement district to replace PLJ.

Despite an almost complete lack of funding during the past year, our community rolled up its sleeves and labored to continue what had previously been the work of Promote La Jolla. The formation of a successor community-based organization has been discussed. The best structure for the future may be a communitywide organization that brings both the residents and the businesses of La Jolla together.

Such an organization with a common purpose could combine the functions of both a business improvement district for our merchants and a maintenance assessment district for our residents.

It is obvious to many of us that to preserve and enhance the unique community that is La Jolla, we will all need to work together. I am hopeful that the La Jolla Town Council can provide the kind for framework that our community needs so that everyone may be included in the process bringing our community closer together.