Helping Casa de Amparo save lives

Aid and protect - that’s what lifeguards do. When a swimmer or surfer finds himself in trouble who comes to his aid? Hopefully a lifeguard will. Who’s there to help protect or prevent a swimmer or surfer from a bad experience or even worse before something disastrous ever has a chance to happen? Hopefully a lifeguard is. Each and every day lifeguards come to the aid of people in trouble as well as helping to protect and prevent people from getting into trouble in the first place. Trouble can happen in the ocean, it can happen in life. Either way when it does happen thank goodness for those who selflessly care enough to help in time of need lifeguards.

April is national child abuse prevention month something that should be every day of every month of every year. If anyone ever needed life guarding it is an abused child. Just as the ocean can be dangerous for young or inexperienced swimmers so can life in general be for young ones. Not every child is blessed to grow up in a functioning, nourishing and loving environment. Every day, somewhere innocent children are being neglected and even worse abused in varying degrees from harsh to terrible. An abused child can feel very lonely and isolated and may not know where to turn for help.

As a community of surfers every surfer should be responsible to help watch out for and help take care of his fellow surfers, especially the younger ones. As responsible members of the community we should all do what we can to aid and protect the youth especially those in need. In the past older surfers were lifeguards who watched out for all the younger surfers whether they knew them or not. Lifeguards care. Lifeguards are the people who take action when they see or find out about someone in distress, someone in trouble who needs help. It doesn’t matter who the person is or their economic background, lifeguards guard lives, all lives.

Neglect is passive abuse. Neglect to eat and see how long you last. Neglect to study for an important test and you may not pass. Neglect your garden and you will see weeds quickly take over. Neglect to wax your surfboard and you might just slip when you go to stand up. Ignorance, apathy or both cause neglect. Either way neglect can have disastrous effects. Imagine now the effects of neglect ion on a child or young adult. Leaving a child alone by not caring is like leaving a child to hungry sharks. Would a sane person care about a child left to the sharks? Yes. A sane person should also care about any and all children left to neglect. Thank goodness for the most part ours is a compassionate society.

Abuse is an insidious disease caused by ignorance, malice or both. Either way mankind needs to eradicate it. When a surfboard suffers extreme abuse it breaks. Abuse your body and it gets sick or injured. Abuse freedom you’re bound to face consequences. Abuse the earth and the earth will react. Abuse can be cyclical. Happy children generally make happy adults abused children often grow up to become abusive adults. The good news is that with education and help, abuse can be prevented as well as cured. Why should the average person care if someone they do not even know is dealing with abuse? Because one, caring is the humane thing to do and two, taking positive action to aid a victim is always the right thing to do.

Casa de Amparo is Spanish for House of aid and protection. Casa de Amparo is also the name of a very worthwhile organization and children‚s shelter that provides on going child abuse prevention and treatment programs, medical aid, food, shelter, counseling, education and other support services that have helped abused and neglected children throughout San Diego since 1978. Now, Casa de Amparo could use your help in order to continue helping victims of child abuse. On April 22nd 2007 between 1 and 4 p.m. Casa de Amparo will be holding it’s 11th annual “Meet the chef’s of Del Mar” and silent auction fundraiser at the Hilton Del Mar. Besides sampling some of the best wines and dishes on the planet while also enjoying live entertainment it’s your chance to help, your chance to become a real lifeguard. Every dollar raised directly effects, aids and helps prevent and protect San Diego‚s victims of child abuse.

For more detailed information about national child abuse prevention month and how you can help or purchasing tickets to “Meet the chef’s of Del Mar” contact Cindy Snowder at 760- 754- 5500 or visit Do it today. Help lifeguard the youth and help end child abuse. A small donation can make a big difference. Until next week, all the best!