Help! In a fritter over frittatas

Remember the artichoke frittata served by the C & M Italian delicatessen that was on Girard Avenue for many years in the 1950s and ‘60s?

Well Bonnie Nickel does and she is searching for the recipe or a restaurant that serves something similar.

“This signature dish was out of this world,” Nickel said. “I’ve never had anything that compares. The patties were chock full of artichoke hearts that were made individually and sauteed in a LOT of olive oil until the edges were crisp and brown. They served it a la carte, with marinara sauce, or as a sandwich on a crusty Italian roll. What I wouldn’t give for one of those again!

“I bet many La Jollans have fond memories of this deli. I grew up in Point Loma, but we’d make treks up to La Jolla with my mother for shopping excursions and artichoke frittatas!”

The La Jolla Light joins Nickel in the search for such artichoke frittatas. We will publish any leads we get. Send your recipes or restaurants to or call Lifestyles Editor Susan DeMaggio at (858) 875-5948.