Heart di Vite: Chefs, vintners, artists, scientists come together for ‘green science’ scholarships


By Lonnie Burstein Hewitt

Where were you on Super Bowl Sunday? For some 200 people, the answer was: Heart di Vite at Scripps Seaside Forum.

A fundraiser hosted by UCSD’s Biological Sciences Division and a committee that included Joyce Cutler-Shaw, Ellen and David Dolgen, and Mark Quint, the event at Scripps Seaside Forum featured the talented chefs of Cooks Confab offering inventive, delicious, sustainable mini-dishes, paired with premium organic wines from Napa, and an array of artworks by eco-sensitive artists.

Master Chef Andrew Spurgin came onboard a year ago. Co-founder of Cooks Confab, a group of local chefs who promote sustainable eating, he recently launched the catering company Campine with buddies Brian Malarkey (soon to open Herringbone in La Jolla) and Antonio Friscia (executive chef at the late Stingaree).

Spurgin believes in creating community and supporting organizations that help shape a healthier, more environmentally friendly future.

“UCSD is doing so much in the bio-sciences,” Spurgin said. “They’re training a new generation. Events like these are a comfortable way to educate people to what’s happening, by bribing them with great food and drink!”

The bribes were all tasty, but the award of the evening, “Top Green Chef,” went to Chad White, co-owner/executive chef of Sea Rocket Bistro, for his silky-smooth sea urchin dish.

Proceeds from the event will fund scholarships in environmental science for students on their way to becoming tomorrow’s Green Giants.