Have you decided whom you are going to vote for for President of the United States? Why did you pick them?


Tony Godrey

Yorba Linda

“I’m leaning for McCain. Experience and foreign policy.”

Gholam Baker

San Diego

“Obama. I see he’s very clever, very intelligent and would make a good president.”

Adam and Eglia Koncurat

“Obama. I think the country definitely needs a change, for sure, because the last years with Bush we’ve seen nothing but war, we’ve seen a bad economy, and why not change that? To me McCain is just another Bush.”

Chris Pharo

Lifeguard, Pacific Beach

“Obama. Change. Seems like we’ve always had an elderly white guy up there. That’s America - a melting pot. I think it’s good to have a different point of view up there.”

Ken McKnight


“I’m undecided. I do vote. There’s a lot of issues. That’s my problem - the bureaucracy in Washington. I’ll decide before I go in (the polling booth). I watched the Democratic Convention and I will watch the Republican Convention.”