“Has the ‘July gloom’ affected your summer plans?”

Tony Handt

La Jolla

“Yes, actually. Well, I haven’t been to the beach ... at all since the summer started.”

Don Quackenbush

La Jolla

“Not really. Exercise in the morning, and then a little consulting in the afternoon.”

Lisa Haney

San Diego

“No. It’s a pleasant change from the heat we’ve had earlier in the spring and summer.”

Adrain Sua

La Jolla

“It’s ruining my beach weather, because I want to go to the beach today but hopefully it will let up.”

Angelle Crochet

San Diego

“Everything’s the same. No, I don’t go to the beach anyways. So that’s why it doesn’t affect me. “

Shelly Spencer

La Jolla

“Not at all ... I enjoy it because I relocated here two months ago from Arizona. So I very much enjoy it.”