Business Spotlight: Harmony Home Medical takes new approach to helping Medicare beneficiaries in San Diego



Since last September’s Competitive Bid for Medicare, medical equipment availability and payments have been slashed in half by Medicare, 47 percent to be exact. In San Diego only a couple Durable Medical Equipment (DME) providers are allowed to bill Medicare now from a previous 30-plus providers. This has left many people unable to get the much-needed equipment they rely on and much of it is sub-standard quality. More and more people need to purchase their own mobility equipment and make their own decisions about what best meets their needs at home and in the community. That is where Harmony Home Medical has taken the lead in providing knowledgeable customer service to help navigate these often new waters for people.

In response to these changes, Harmony Home Medical implemented the only rent-to-own program in town that helps people be able to afford the mobility equipment that they need and want.

The 50-pound wheelchair just doesn’t do the job for most, so being able to rent-to-own the perfect lightweight chair is exactly what people need a lot of times. The experts on the floor at Harmony can help you find your perfect solutions, and it does not stop at just medical equipment. Home access is also their area of expertise and they can install the stair lift or car lift you need to keep your active lifestyle despite a limitation in mobility. Harmony Home Remodeling can handle all of your accessibility modifications to your home as well.

A lot is changing with health care and insurance, which is why it is important to have a professional help you navigate what is available through insurance and what is best suited for your mobility outside of insurance, something that most health-care providers don’t know.

Regardless of what is covered or not, people deserve to have the right medical equipment and comforts, and Harmony Home Medical is making that possible through innovative product selection and financing programs not available anywhere else.

• Harmony Home Medical, 4885 Convoy St., San Diego

• (858) 560-8177

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