Harland Property Management: The property wrangling specialists

Kayvon Homayoun

By Marti Gacioch

Clients seeking Harland Property Management services usually have three concerns: the amount their property will rent for, and how repairs and evictions will be handled, according to Kayvon Homayoun, owner of Harland Property Management.
Kayvon Homayoun

“Property owners hire us to handle everything in regard to their property, so we basically become the landlord,” Homayoun said. “We do thorough background and credit checks for tenants, so we’re sure the tenants can afford what they think they can

afford. “

Property management rates are usually based on a percentage of the rental income, and Homayoun said his rates differ greatly from his competitors. According to Homayoun, his competitors tell clients they charge a low percentage rate of 6 to 8 percent, but after they hook the client, their contract includes many additional fees. “We tell our clients we charge 10 percent and there aren’t any additional fees,” Homayoun said. “Property owners care most about seeing that the rent is deposited in their account at the beginning of every month, they don’t want to hear about all the problems.”

Homayoun entered the world of property management after working as a Realtor with Prudential. Through his broker’s license, he began doing property management for clients he’d already sold homes to. As that side of his business grew, Homayoun left Prudential and focused solely on property management. After 10 years in business, Homayoun’s team of seven licensed real estate agents manage residential, commercial and industrial properties throughout most of San Diego County.

The residential side of their business includes single family homes, condominiums, and vacation rentals. The commercial side includes commercial office buildings, retail storefronts and large office buildings.

“We market a property, screen tenants through background checks, and then place tenants in the property,” Homayoun said. “We also pay any expenses on the property that the owner requests, such as the gardener, and tenants can pay their rent or request a repair on our website.”

Harland is now offering a summer special on vacation rentals.

“Most of our competition in San Diego charges between 25 and 30 percent for managing vacation rentals, but we’re offering a 15 percent summer special for June, July and August,” Homayoun said. See related ad on page A17.

Harland Property Management is at 920 Kline St. (858) 367-0343.