Harbor seal found dead on La Jolla coastline

Experts at SeaWorld San Diego on Tuesday examined the body of a Harbor seal that was found washed up on the La Jolla coastline.

Kelly Terry, Sea World spokeswoman, said Wednesday that a necropsy, which could take up to two weeks, will be done on the seal, but she was uncertain what those results on the marine mammal, would show. She added the animal, which had been dead for a couple of days, was not emaciated.

Terry said there is no conclusive evidence so far that toxins in the ocean are accounting for sick wild animals which are turning up.

“We usually see naturally occurring toxins in the water a little bit later than this time of year,” she said.

Terry said about 50 brown pelicans, which are being found in a dehydrated and malnourished state, are being found all over San Diego.

“About three or four are being brought in every day by animal groups,” she said, adding the situation with sick pelicans is actually worse in Los Angeles County.

Terry told Channel 10 news that about one-third have been treated and returned to the wild, but many others died.

“They seem to have been affected by the storm — they can’t find their food source and they’re dirty,” Terry said.