Hallmark Gallery presents an art six-pack


A six-artist show presented by the Hallmark Fine Art Gallery in La Jolla opens with a meet-and-mingle reception on Saturday, June 7 from 6 to 9 p.m.

The exhibition will include William DeBilzan, Linda Herzog, Jack Storms, Tom Marosz, Edgar Lamas and Pat Bailey and runs through June 11.

“We’ve very eclectic,” said gallery director Michael Hajdaj. “You can see that from the list of artists we’re going to have. We also have art that has some thought behind it.”

The talent on display is comprised of three painters, two glass artists and a contemporary metal artist. More than 40 new pieces will be featured in the show.

The concept behind “Six Exceptional Artists - One Show” is similar to “one night stand” art shows held by college students. William DeBilzan is also a supporter of collective events, having founded the Laguna Beach Art Walk several years ago.

“We’re letting you get the most out of your experience in one space,” Hajdaj said. “Every artist is here for you to approach. You can come in and have an experience … with six dynamic looks.”

Hajdaj said each of the artists is very different. Linda Herzog, named one of the top 100 fantasy artists in the world, “paints her dreams, so what you see on the canvas is a dream interpretation.” Jack Storms and Tom Marosz work with cold glass. Pat Bailey’s paintings, done in a hyper-realistic style, look like photographs; his work for this exhibit will be a series on rocks. Edgar Lama works in sculpture and cabinetry. DeBilzan is a painter known for mixed media.

“It’s contemporary, abstract paintings,” said DeBilzan from Miami in a telephone interview, who described his most recent work as “childlike” and “primitive.”

DeBilzan, who launched his art career after several years in the construction industry, has seen an evolution in his style over the years, starting out as an abstract painter and then moving onto figurative landscapes. He is currently developing a clothing line and an artist-themed resort in the Caribbean.

The appeal of a multi-artist show, said DeBilzan, is its diversity.

“The advantage of showing different types of work, different styles is that you can get a bigger crowd,” he said. “It’s nice to have a variety. There’s pretty much something for everyone.”

The “Six Exceptional Artists – One Show” reception is free and open to the public. Hallmark Fine Art Gallery, (858) 551-8108, is located at 1162 Prospect St.