Haircut money-saving tips offered

With money being tight these days, people are looking for all kinds of ways to stretch their dollars.

Mark Dearinger, owner of Dearinger Salon in La Jolla, has some tips that will help you prolong your haircut, which can result in hundreds of dollars saved each year. He also has the skinny on how those seeking the hottest haircut can get the best styling for their money.

  • If you have a really good haircut, it should look the same as it grows out and you don’t need one as often.
  • A fast, low-cost budget haircut may need to get cut every two weeks because although the hair has been cut and looks nice, the shape isn’t right and needs to get trimmed again. If the hair has been cut with the structure put into it, it will grow out with the structure in it.
  • Be wary of salons that have people who cut and color. You want someone who specializes in one specific area to make sure you get the right cut that will last you and will look good as it grows out.
  • If someone is using a curling iron on the hair, they’re distorting the shape of the haircut and approaching the cut from a styling perspective.
  • If hair is cut properly, it should stand on its own and not need to be styled to look good. You shouldn’t have to style the look for it to look right after it has been cut. Is the salon using hood dryers or blow dryers?
  • Can you let your hair air dry or blow dry? Is your hair cut that good? If you can let your hair air dry, it’s THAT good! The better the haircut, the less often it needs to be cut, and the more money you save.
  • Get a top-quality cut, cut it less often, but color the hair more often so that it perks up the hair and gives it a fresher look and makes you feel better about yourself.
  • Check with your salon to find out about free treatments and events. Most good salons will offer free treatments and events. It’s a great way to save money.
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