H1N1 vaccines arrive at San Diego health centers


The county’s six public health centers and one immunization clinic each received 200 doses of the injectable H1N1 vaccine to be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, it was announced Friday.

The vaccine will be distributed to those in high-risk categories, including children, adults with chronic medical conditions, caretakers of infants younger than 6 months old and health care workers, according to the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency.

Most of the swine flu vaccine that is being delivered to the region is going directly to medical providers, according to the HHSA.

Residents are encouraged to first contact their doctor about getting the H1N1 flu vaccine if they are in one of the high risk groups before visiting the county public health centers.

According to the HHSA, additional vaccine will arrive in San Diego County over the coming weeks and months.

To date, 33 deaths in San Diego County have been linked to the H1N1 pandemic. A total of 617 people have been hospitalized with the virus locally.