H1N1 clinics approved for San Diego school sites

The San Diego Unified School District Board of Education Tuesday night approved a memorandum of understanding with the county Health and Human Services Agency to open H1N1 immunization clinics on school campuses.

The proposal passed on the consent calendar with no comments by board members.

During a general comment session, board member Katherine Nakamura said the district has made a strong effort the past two weeks to communicate with parents about swine flu.

“We’re only seeing the tip of this,” Nakamura said. “Going forward, we want to be transparent, but not create a sense of panic.”

It was not immediately clear when the vaccination clinics will open.

County health officials have listed youth ages 6-24 as a very high priority because the disease appears to be impacting the younger population more than those beyond school age.

No figures are available on how many SDUSD students have contracted the H1N1 virus, but there have been no campus outbreaks reported, according to district staff.