Groups team up to beautify Village


Volunteers are being sought by a revitalized joint committee to help improve and beautify the Village’s streetscape.

“We’ve got some really great people who are stepping forward to be on this,” said Glen Rasmussen, chair of the Streetscape/Design Committee of Promote La Jolla, the community’s business improvement district. “We invite anyone who actually wants to do something: pick up trash, control weeds, remove gum stuck on the sidewalk, improve the appearance of trees. We need doers.”

The streetscape committee functions under the La Jolla Streetscape Improvement Agreement signed in 1992 between La Jolla Town Council and Promote La Jolla, Inc.

Recognizable sign

The importance of the streetscape committee in polishing the community’s image, said Rasmussen, cannot be underestimated.

“Probably the most recognizable thing that can be done in the Village is to improve the appearance of the streets--clean up litter and the sidewalks, have nice hanging plants and tasteful decorations and have reasonable rules so that merchants observe the appearance of the Village,” he said.

The first meeting of the revamped streetscape committee held April 27 resulted in formation of a number of subcommittees and willing volunteers to staff them.

Pick a panel

Subcommittees include general street beautification, how to attract people and cars to parking facilities, benches, sidewalk cleanup, trash cans, litter control, hanging baskets and decorations, street trees, signs, hardscape such as sidewalk cracks and curbs, donations and financing, and news racks.

Committee volunteers so far are Darcy Ashley, Joe LaCava, Terry Underwood, Don Dewhurst, Bill Kellogg, Egon Kafka, Bill Berkley, Ester Viti, Michele Addington, Jim Reed, Naaman Crozat, John McKelson, Wayne Woods, Chip Crandall, Dave Ish, Orrin Gabsch and Sharon Wampler.

Reed, who is on the news rack committee, said the situation has gotten out of hand and needs to be rectified.

Tackling a challenge

“They’re unsightly,” he said. “Many of them have been abandoned. Many are not being used as they were intended. More than a few were placed there by companies that no longer exist. They’re not compatible with anything, don’t comply with any use.”

Wampler hasn’t decided on a cleanup area to specialize in yet.

“I’m just getting the lay of the land,” she said, noting many newsracks could be consolidated and that litter is an issue. “I know some people are focused. I’m just trying to look at the overall picture, set some priorities, see what we can tackle as a community.”

The streetscape committee typically meets the 4th Monday of every month but because of Memorial Day in May will meet on Wednesday, May 27, at 5:30 p.m. in the ground floor meeting room at 1150 Silverado St. The public is invited.