Group seeks support for LJ cityhood



Thank you so much for the article “Idea for La Jolla cityhood resurfaces.”

We are at a historic time in the history of our beloved city; we are at a crossroads that we may never be at again. I have believed for over 20 years we can and will do this. The time is now, and with the new laws, the city of San Diego will have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We will have to leave alimony so there will be no loss of funds, we will govern ourselves so they will have much less to deal with and we will be able to improve our parks and beaches, our streets and sidewalks for all of San Diego, as we will be able to contract all the work.

Every time I drive through Del Mar, I am so impressed how beautiful it is, and they are a city of only 4,000; we are city of 44,000. They buy water cheaper than the city of San Diego does.

I know by working with Friends of Windansea for 15 years what can be accomplished, and I see that multiplied all over La Jolla. The Jewel will be cleaned, polished and honored; I know Ellen Scripps would be proud.

To all those who want to see this happen, our next meetings are at 6 p.m. July 8 and Aug. 12 at the La Jolla Library.

At next week’s meeting, our speaker will be Paula de Sousa of Best, Best & Krieger, whose specialties include the Cortese- Knox-Hertzberg Local Government Reorganization Act of 2000 that governs separation of cities. She’ll address the process of amending the law to make it easier for a community to form its own city as well as the potential cost of $10,000 to $20,000.

Then we’ll talk about how to raise the money hire her and accomplish our goal.

The talk is over; now we need to get this done. We are so grateful for all the response that is coming in. Thank you to everyone; this is our city, we must be allowed to care for it.

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Melinda Merryweather is one of the organizers of Independent La Jolla.