‘Green’ studio offers Earth harmony with Pilates, yoga

Before renovating the upstairs suite at 1002 Prospect St., husband-and-wife team Kent Horner and Leslie Talisman invested countless hours searching out eco-friendly building materials and fitness products.

The result is Lila Jolla Studios, a 1,200-foot yoga and fitness center. Spacious, open and airy, the second-floor facility boasts views of the ocean and downtown La Jolla. From the floor to the ceiling, Horner and Talisman made every effort to reduce, reuse or recycle.

A member of the Green Yoga Association, Lila Jolla Studios is a study in affordable, environmentally friendly construction practices.

“We are stewards of the environment,” said Talisman.

The couple said it took them several months to find the perfect location. When they stood on the sidewalk at Prospect and Girard to watch the holiday parade, they looked across the street and saw a building in the vortex of the Village.

“There was nowhere else that compared to this place,” Horner said.

Renovations began in March.

They began by tearing out walls and opening the space to maximize the natural light. Twelve four-tube fluorescent fixtures were replaced with one skylight and three eco-friendly lights. The flooring, a product made by Yonkers of Denmark, is composed of scrap wood from other hardwood floor manufacturers, while the carpeting is natural fiber Sisal. A no-VOC paint was used on the walls.

They even turned to salvaged construction materials to build a bench and front counter.

“We just felt this was one way for us to make a small contribution to our planet,” Talisman said.

Horner and Talisman have assembled their research and product information into a “green book” that they happily share with others looking to go au naturel.

Lila Jolla Studios opened for business on June 1.

Talisman wants people to know that her yoga studio has something for everyone, regardless of age, ability or fitness level.

“Everybody has to start somewhere,” she said.

“We plan to be a living lab of wellness,” Talisman said. “This is the time to be the change that you want to see in the world.”

For more information about classes and schedules, call (858) 551-YOGA.