Goldsmith supported by a coalition of SD democrats


A coalition of San Diego Democrats announced their support today for Republican Jan Goldsmith in the race for the nonpartisan office of city attorney.

Among those who attended a rally for Goldsmith outside City Hall were former state senators Dede Alpert and Wadie Deddeh, City Council President Scott Peters and Councilman Ben Hueso.

Goldsmith, a San Diego Superior Court judge, is challenging incumbent Michael Aguirre in a Nov. 4 runoff.

Aguirre has secured the endorsement of the Democratic Party.

Goldsmith’s supporters carried signs that read “Aguirre must go’’ and “Aguirre is not a Democrat.’’

“We’re not here because we are Democrats,’’ said Alpert, who served in the state Legislature with Goldsmith in the 1990s.

“We are here because we are San Diegans,’’ she said. “We care deeply about this city and its future, and we realize that the best hope for the future is to have Jan Goldsmith as our city attorney.’’

Also attending the rally was Marilyn Riley, a member of the Democratic Party Central Committee and former deputy city attorney. Riley, who worked on Aguirre’s 2002 campaign, said she was fired for no stated reason.’’

“Because of these and many other instances of questionable behavior and decisions on Mike’s part, I am, for the first time in my life, endorsing a Republican candidate,’’ Riley said.

Peters and Hueso, longtime critics of Aguirre, previously announced their endorsement of Goldsmith’s campaign.

Goldsmith said he was focused on providing solid legal advice and returning professionalism to the city attorney’s office.

“It’s about the law, not politics or partisanship,’’ he said.