Goldman returns to La Jolla Spa MD with big plans

It is the light at the end of the tunnel for Dianne York-Goldman and her La Jolla Spa MD.

After more than a year of the business being under court control while she and ex-husband Dr. Mitchell Goldman sorted out a contentious divorce, ownership of the Fay avenue plastic surgery and spa center belongs to her.

“Now I’m building the business back up,” she said in a recent interview.

And it turns out the whole country may get to see it since the reality-TV actress is planning for the show “Addicted to Beauty” to be filmed on-location in La Jolla.

“I foresee it definitely being moved here,” she said of the program that previously was filmed at her Changes spa in Carmel Valley. “Thirty percent of the show is about the beauty in La Jolla, the beaches, the museums, the people.”

And perhaps that other 70 percent will be taken care of while York-Goldman revamps her spa itself. The biggest changes will come from a recently signed agreement with renowned beautician Sonya Dakar. In February, La Jolla Spa MD will begin offering Dakar’s services, famous for its popularity with many Beverly Hills elite.

“It’s like Hollywood is coming to La Jolla,” York-Goldman said. “You’ll be seeing a lot of celebrities around here, and they’ll all be here for a very positive purpose ... They can be doing everything from cosmetic dentistry to having their glasses tossed away for Lasik surgery, or having some plastic surgery done here and seeing a dermatologist.”

Dakar’s serums, oxygen facials, red-light body treatments, among others, will soon be available in San Diego. York-Goldman is sending her staff to Los Angeles for training from the Sonya Dakar Clinic, where her La Jolla Spa MD also will open an office.

“It’s another avenue that the show will have fun with,” York-Goldman said.

York-Goldman started in the business in 1997 when she bought a small Encinitas spa and added plastic services to its offerings.

“I transformed it into a moneymaker in three months,” she said, attributing its success to a newfound popularity of laser hair removal. “That was the beginning of medical spas.”

Originally from St. Louis, York-Goldman once attended law school at University of Missouri, Columbia.

“I didn’t think that was good because what I really like to do is model,” she said. “I won a pageant and part of the winnings was a scholarship to a place called Barbizon school of modeling. Loved it. I started modeling all over the world.”

York-Goldman founded her current spa in 2002. Seven years later, she is back in control, and, given her recent deal with Sonya Dakar, is working on an updated menu of services and prices.