GMO panel to be held at UCSD this October

Leading scientists and food activists will converge later this month to discuss the risk that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) present to food safety. The panel discussion will be held from 6:30-8:30 p.m. on October 23rd, just two weeks before voters will decide on Prop 37 on the November ballots.

The event will commence with an opening reception featuring drinks and bites from local sustainable businesses. The panel consists of the following experts: Jeffrey Smith (founder of the Institute for Responsible Technology & bestselling author on GMOs), David Schubert (Salk Institute professor & head of the cellular neurobiology lab), Joy Houston (author & raw food chef), Isabel Cruz (farmer & owner of local eateries, such as Barrio Star) and Nancy Casady (manager of OB People’s Food Co-op & representative on the CA State Board of Food and Agriculture).

The panel will be moderated by the owner of Cups Organic Bakery, Michelle Lerach.

After panelists share their insight, attendees will be invited to comment and ask questions. The event is hosted by the Student Sustainability Collective and University Centers on the University of California, San Diego campus in La Jolla, CA.

About GMOs & Prop 37

GMOs are genetically modified organisms whose genetic structure has been altered through the deletion or insertion of genes, often from another species. GMOs are most commonly seen in crop plants, such as corn and soybeans. Today, it is estimated that in North America, 80% of our food contains GMOs.

If approved by voters, “The California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act”, also referred to as Prop 37, will require the labeling of raw or processed food containing GMOs and prohibit the labeling or advertising of foods as “natural”.

To learn more, contact Alisha Utter, Director of Food for the Student Sustainability Collective, at