Giving thanks year-round

A grateful surfer is a happy surfer. A surfer is thankful just to stand on a surfboard and successfully ride a 6-inch wave to shore in the beginning. However, as time goes by, many surfers want more out of the surfing experience. They want bigger waves, longer rides and higher performance.

As more time goes by, these surfers get pickier and pickier. Perhaps, they want to go surfing but pass on it when they get to the beach because the waves do not meet their standards or the day is too windy or cold. The surfers who are hard to satisfy are hardly ever satisfied.

And then, there are surfers who love surfing so much from their very first ride, they will surf any time they can, rain or shine, good waves or not. These surfers are thankful just to be in the ocean and alive. Surfing is a bonus.

These surfers appreciate the entire surfing experience, and every wave along the way, be it a super ride or wipeout. Just as stoking the fire creates more flame, every time these surfers get a chance to surf they stoke the spirit, which keeps them thankful and happy. Easily satisfied surfers are satisfied a lot.

How thankful to experience the simple pleasures in life.

Watching a spectacular sunrise or feeling the cool breeze as it passes, caressing the skin is a miracle. Every surfer everywhere should be thankful to be a part of such a glorious and wonderful world.

When a surfer is truly happy with his life, he wants others to be happy also. There is no time for fussing and fighting. What we need is peace and harmony. Peace and harmony begin with a grateful attitude. Let’s be grateful for what we have and the dreams, goals and aspirations of what we hope to have.

Thanksgiving is a holiday to be celebrated more than once a year. Giving thanks should be a daily practice. Just as the surfer appreciates every wave all along the way, let’s appreciate every day along the way.

There will be tough times, but we will get through them with more appreciation for the good times. There will be good times. There will be bad times. But practice being thankful to remain happy all the time.