Give your loved one a ring

By Joseph Dicks

Chairman, La Jolla Shores Association

There are but a few remaining places in Southern California where you can still build a bonfire on the beach, sit with family and friends by firelight, and eat a freshly roasted

s’more as the nearby waves wash in and out. One of those places is our very own La Jolla Shores, with its half-dozen or so fire rings.

The fact that families “squat” for 12 to 16 hours in order to claim rights to one of these precious rings attests to their continued popularity and scarcity. Yet, despite the undeniable pleasure they provide and the obvious demand for their use, we are close to losing them — so close that if the current efforts to raise the funds necessary to provide for their upkeep falls short, they will be gone forever.

At the last meeting of the La Jolla Shores Association, someone joked about offering the rings up for dedication, like some communities do with park benches, in order to raise the necessary funding that the city lacks.

As there are no additional areas in La Jolla available for park bench dedications, this suggestion should be taken quite seriously and deserves our city’s serious consideration.

If only someone would contact Sherri Lightner, our City Council representative, and volunteer to make a donation to the city in exchange for a plaque dedicating one of La Jolla Shores’ fire rings to a loved one.

What a gift that would be — a true ring of love!