Getting your chance

In this competitive world we live in, it’s sometimes difficult to get into the competition, let alone compete. A surfer not allowed into a surfing contest has no chance of winning that surfing contest. If you ever feel in your life like you are competing just for a chance to compete, you are not alone. Never ever give up on a dream. As long as you keep trying, sooner or later your chance to compete will come.

There was once a young man who worked at a surfboard factory as a surfboard dig repairer, fixing broken and damaged surfboards. Although he was quite good at fixing surfboards, his heart was not fully into it. What he really wanted to do was become a surfboard shaper.

One day the young man worked up the courage to ask the owner of the surfboard factory, a master shaper, if he could have a chance to shape some surfboards. “Sure,” said the master shaper, “but first you must work your way up to shaping.” And so the young man was promoted from surfboard repair to surfboard polisher.

Only after mastering surfboard polishing did the young man return to the old master and ask if he could have his chance to shape surfboards. To which the old master replied, “Sure, but you must first continue working your way up.” And so the young man was promoted from surfboard polisher to surfboard sander, one more step closer to becoming a surfboard shaper. Before long, the young man became highly proficient at surfboard sanding.

After mastering surfboard sanding, the young man felt he was ready to take on surfboard shaping and again returned to the master asking for his chance. “Sure, responded the old master, you may study under me and when you are ready you can then begin surfboard shaping.”

And so each day, the young man watched the old master shaping surfboards. With all of his prior experience and study under his belt, the young man felt confident.

And so the day came when the old master decided to give the young man a chance to shape a surfboard.

True success is never given away; it’s always hard earned. Wait not for your chance to be or do what you want in life. Go out and get it. Prepare for success, always keep trying, and when you finally get your chance to succeed, you will.