Get Your Legs Ready for Summer


As May draws to a close, that can only mean one thing here in San Diego county: beach season! But as many of us get out our summer clothes and go swimsuit shopping, there is a large percentage of people who are hesitant to slip into their shorts and expose their legs due to unpleasant spider veins. Spider veins are red or blue jagged veins that resemble spider webs close to the surface of the skin.

If you are one of those people who finds themselves self-conscious about bearing your legs in public due to these spider veins, there is an easy solution. Educating yourself about the causes of these veins, and more importantly, about the amazing technology we now have to eliminate these veins in a quick, painless fashion, could make your legs summer-ready in no time!


There are multiple causes of spider veins, and while many can be prevented, some are unavoidable:

  • pregnancy

  • heredity

  • weight gain, obesity

  • lifestyles requiring prolonged sitting or standing

  • hormone changes, including use of some birth control pills

  • injuries or conditions of increased pressure on the abdomen

  • history of blood clots

  • excessive exposure to the sun


The two main forms of treatment are sclerotherapy and laser vein removal. Both are easy, pain-free solutions for unsightly spider veins:

Sclerotherapy: this is a simple procedure where a small amount of solution is injected into the damaged veins (a small needle is used, similar to that of a Botox injection). The solution causes the vein to collapse and then the body will naturally eliminate it.

Laser vein removal: this is also a non-invasive, simple procedure involving a laser that eradicates the superficial vein. This is a pain-free solution as we use a laser that has a patented cryogen cooling system that anesthetizes the skin before, during, and after treatment.

Both sclerotherapy and laser vein removal are out-patient procedures. Patients are able to drive themselves home and return to their daily activities. There are essentially no risks or side-effects involved either. In some cases, there may be some mild swelling, but this naturally goes away in a couple days.

Don’t let spider veins get in the way of trading in those jeans for shorts this summer or prevent you from showing off that new swimsuit. There are quick, simple solutions to get your legs ready for summer! If you’d like meet with one of our doctors who specialize in vein health, please don’t hesitate to contact our offices at 760-944-9263 or visit us at