Get ready for braces season: summer is the best time to explore orthodontics for children


By Robert Sunstein, DDS

The first day of summer is just around the bend, bringing with it a glorious sefull ason full of lazy beach days, barbeques and endless sunshine. But in addition to all that summer fun, parents may also want to consider scheduling an orthodontics exam for their kids – and getting a head start on better oral health. When it comes to

orthodontics for children

, summer is by far the most convenient time of year to begin treatment. Free from the complications of school year scheduling and extracurricular activities, kids can complete up to a quarter of their treatment time before school starts in the fall – and begin the new year well on their way to straighter, healthier teeth.

Kids of any age may be eligible for braces; but as noted in previous


, we believe that children around the age of seven are at an ideal developmental stage to reap the full benefit from orthodontic braces. Parents can get kids started with a complimentary consultation, during which an orthodontist will assess the child’s teeth and determine whether or not braces are required or recommended. If you would prefer to postpone treatment after the initial consultation, you are welcome to bring your child back for a re-evaluation at no charge; and if you would like to begin treatment immediately, our state-of-the-art radiography system makes it possible to perform the necessary diagnostic procedures right away.

By beginning orthodontic treatment for their kids during the summer months, parents can avoid a host of scheduling hassles, and also give their children plenty of time to get used to their braces before going back into a classroom environment. Although braces are much more subtle and comfortable today than in years past, patients of all ages may still be apprehensive about appearances during treatment. At our La Jolla orthodontist office, we can provide prospective patients with an appliance model so they can see what the braces will look like on their teeth. In addition, we offer fast-track programs for shorter treatment periods – so patients can get their braces on and off as quickly as possible.

Get ahead of oral health problems: see your La Jolla orthodontist today

If you believe your child may be a candidate for

San Diego orthodontic treatment

, contact our office today to schedule a complimentary first appointment. Our sunny smile specialists provide the best in friendly, skillful and affordable orthodontic care, and we will work with you and your child to ensure an effective and realistic treatment plan to suit your individual needs.

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