Get off the beach and into the waves


Eloise Owens is the former president of the National Speakers Association Texas branch and a leading sales expert who has penned a breakthrough new book on sales entitled, “Get Off the Beach.” Destined to be a best seller, her revolutionary book takes valuable lessons learned and insights gained from the world of surfing and applies them to sales. The following interview gives us insight into the world of Eloise Owens.

WB Can you tell us the name of your book and a little bit about it?

EO Yes, it is Get Off the Beach- what legendary surfers know that sales people need to know now. I had an idea of blending surfing with sales and really lessons sales people need to know to perform at a higher level. How to look at fear in a little bit different way and help sales people enjoy the ride. They need new ideas about how to do their job that is pretty tiring at times. It’s hard to get up every day and sell.

WB How did you come up with the wild and original idea of correlating the world of surfing and sales?

EO Interestingly enough, I had a speaking engagement in La Jolla, I got there early and found a little cute place to eat lunch. They had a little tabloid newspaper out there with kind of the local happenings by local writers. There was an article at the back of the La Jolla Light called Surfing and Life written by these two surfers, Milton Willis and Michael Willis and it was a great article. They were blending life lessons with surfing and the wheels started turning and I thought, “Wow, I really need to learn more about it.” They had an e-mail address in the article. I ended up ripping it out and sticking it in my briefcase. When I got home I was cleaning out my briefcase and I thought what have I got to lose? So I e-mailed and that really began the momentum on the idea.

WB What were some of the more challenging aspects to writing a book relating surfing to sales?

EO Well, the e-mail that I did send really opened up the door for me to actually go and learn to surf myself. And that lead to, as you know, a life-changing adventure. Now all of a sudden the book had two stories. It had my adventure of learning to surf and being dropped into the world of surfing, which I knew very little about and there was the sales side, the so what’s in this for sales people.

WB Which was tougher for you learning to surf or writing this book?

EO Wow, that’s a good question-two different skill sets. One of the things I had to learn surfing is not only to learn a system but also to understand flow. I tend to be a little more systematic in my approach to things, being a little less-in-the-moment-of-flow kind of person. And once I learned the (surfing) system on the land I fell five times because I was trying to get the positioning of my feet right according to what I learned on the beach. One of the lessons in the book became perfectly clear: you always go where you look. I was falling because I was looking down. Once I got that corrected the very next wave I rode to the shore. Which again set up a very unique lesson for sales people about where we focus and where it takes us.

WB Any closing words for surfers, salesmen and people alike?

EO One of the main themes of the book is understanding the importance of desire and what you really want to do. It’s got to be clear and can’t be fuzzy. People walk around with fuzzy pictures a lot. I think people need to be inspired again about what’s important to them and what gets them excited so they can stay focused and accomplish it the same way I was able to catch my very first wave and make my very first sale.

Sales expert and keynote speaker Eloise Owens book may be about surfing and how it relates to sales but it’s also about life. Just about everyone can benefit from her profound and humorously entertaining words. The book covers everything a non-surfer needs to know to get off the beach and actually become a surfer. Low-performing salespeople are given the tools to become high-performing sales people and any one with a goal will find clear directions on how to achieve it. “Get Off the Beach” by Eloise Owens is recommended for anyone with a dream and the desire to make it reality. To order a book or learn more about how surfing can apply to sales and life contact Until next week. Aloha.