Genesee widening project completed


Community and business leaders last week celebrated the completion of the Genesee Avenue widening project.

The $4.2 million project expanded Genesee Avenue from four to six lanes between Campus Point Drive and the Interstate 5 interchange.

Mayor Jerry Sanders and Councilmen Scott Peters and Brian Maienschein attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Linda Colley, University City Planning Group chair, described the significance of Genesee’s widening as “huge.”

“Hopefully, it’s going to make access on and off I-5 during the busiest times smoother and more efficient, move those cars” she said. “That should help with traffic.”

The project included installing turn lanes at Scripps Memorial Hospital and Campus Point Drive. Medians and sidewalks were also built and upgraded. Landscaping was put in.

Colley added that this is the first phase of improvements envisioned for Genesee Avenue. The next phase will involve replacing the I-5 overpass and widening the freeway below.

The city minimized project construction impacts by staggering work crews to avoid disrupting morning and evening rush hour commutes.