‘Geezer Bandit’ strikes Kern County bank

By City News Service

A serial bank robber responsible for 10 bank robberies in San Diego County and one in Temecula has apparently struck for the 12th time, this time in Kern County, according to the FBI.

The “Geezer Bandit” is believed to have held up a Bank of America branch office in Bakersfield Friday night, FBI Special Agent Darrell Foxworth said.

Authorities dubbed the serial thief the Geezer Bandit because he appears to be a man in his 70s or 80s. However, authorities have said it was possible the bandit was actually a younger person disguised by a realistic Hollywood-style mask and rubber hand coverings.

He first appeared in August of last year and has been the subject of several Facebook fan pages.

Friday’s robbery in Bakersfield marks the Geezer Bandit’s first robbery since June 24, when he held up a bank in Temecula.

There is a $20,000 reward for information leading to the Geezer Bandit’s arrest, Foxworth said.