Gas station owner seeks to redevelop La Jolla site


By Pat Sherman

The owner of a Unocal 76 gas station at the corner of Pearl Street and Eads Avenue is hoping to redevelop the site as a mixed- use blend of retail and condominiums.

Property owner Mark Conger told the La Jolla Light he has submitted preliminary plans to the city.

“It’s not exactly eminent,” said Conger, noting that the process will be lengthy and includes approval to remove underground gasoline storage tanks. “I’m still a couple of years away. We need to get the city staff onboard with our plans and, once we get closer to that objective, then we’ll go infront of the community groups to share what the plans are.”

Current zoning regulations allow for up to 12 condominiums on the site, with retail on the ground floor and condo units on the second floor and at the rear of the property.

Until his plans are approved, Conger said the 76 station will remain open.

“It’s very profitable, very successful,” he said. “I’ll keep it open as long as I possibly can. It could very well be indefinitely, depending on what I’m able to get through the city. If (the plan) isn’t financially feasible, then it will stay as a 76 station.”