Gary, Mary West give $20 million more to West Wireless Health Institute

The Gary and Mary West Foundation on Wednesday announced a grant of $20 million

to support biomedical engineering research within the West Wireless Health Institute (WWHI).

WWHI, founded in March 2009 with an initial $45 million grant from the Gary and Mary West Foundation, is one of the world’s first medical research organizations dedicated to cutting the cost of health care by innovating, validating, advocating for and investing in the use of wireless technologies to transform medicine. The nonprofit is located across the street from the UCSD campus.

“Mary and I are proud to contribute to breakthrough research and development in the rapidly emerging wireless health industry,” said West. “The Institute’s leadership team is in place, and our mission to lower health care costs has been clearly defined. It is now imperative to drive internal innovation that ensures lower cost solutions are entering the marketplace as quickly as possible.”

Don Casey, the Institute’s CEO, said, “Once again Gary and Mary West have stepped forward with an extraordinary commitment to help deliver access to more affordable health care.

He added that “Our objective is to redefine the health care experience so patients begin to receive the right care, at the right time, wherever they may be. This grant will enable the Institute to create technologies that make infrastructure independent health care a reality.”

The Institute’s engineering department is led by Dr. Mehran Mehregany, its executive vice president of engineering and chief of engineering research. In addition to funding internal research and development, the grant will also support the Institute’s recently launched Postdoctoral Program, which is training the first generation of leaders in the emerging field of wireless health.

SOURCE: West Wireless Health Institute