Gain without pain awaits you at La Jolla Wellness Studio

By Marti Gacioch

The expression “no pain, no gain” does not apply at La Jolla Wellness Studio on Fay Avenue where new technology and nutrition are providing a painless path to fitness.

Ted Barduson, who co-owns the studio with his father, Gene, said he always knew the value of working out, but hated doing it because he didn’t like to sweat. After exploring alternatives to strenuous workouts for 26 years, three doctors introduced him to a pain-free, 15-minute workout with high-intensity training and vibration technology using sound waves.

Barduson’s studio shuns traditional workouts and instead uses a four-point program that begins with a 15-point body assessment.

“Our In-Body machine captures the electrical pulse going through the body that determines your lean muscle mass, body fat percentage, water in cells and BMI (body mass index),” Barduson said. “It also determines how much muscle clients have in their arms, legs and trunk, and it gives them the calorie burn they have at rest and shows them the areas they need to work on.”

Next, a client uses the Turbo Sonic Vertical Sound Vibration device for five minutes.

“This machine dissolves cortisol (the stress hormone) and breaks down lactic acid, which the body gets during a workout and that makes you ache,” Barduson said.

Clients also use the Range of Motion (ROM) machine that works the muscles and the cardio. The ROM’s purpose is to provide a good workout in a shorter time period.

“Our trainers look at the client’s in-body analysis and decides if the client needs to work on building lean muscle mass or cardio; if you’re working your body correctly, you can receive a full-body workout in four minutes,” Barduson said.

Clients spend six minutes lying down on their third machine: the Turbo Sonic Horizontal Sound Vibration Device that provides the same benefits as the vertical device, while also stimulating clients’ serotonin, helping them feel highly energized.

Studio chef and nutrition expert Alex Fioroni helps clients balance their diets to maximize their workout benefits.

Open two months, La Jolla Wellness Studio has three trainers and 40 customers. Barduson said the typical client is age 45 or older, and their testimonials are positive. He shared this one: After six weeks, a 71-year-old tennis player, who previously played one set a day, was able to play (and win) three sets in a row before shopping at Walmart and walking her dog.

La Jolla Wellness Studio’s Golden Ticket special features two free workout sessions with one in-body analysis.

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