Fundraiser for injured cafe worker raises $31,000; community thanked


First off, I really need to extend my deepest gratitude to those who came by on Saturday to support Jocylynn’s recovery. I am extremely proud to be part of this community. The auction certainly would not have been as successful without the outpouring of donations from individuals, and local businesses. Everything from art by local artists, to a gorgeous long board from Bird Rock Surf Shop, to a sailboat cruise of San Diego Bay. We even auctioned signed concert posters from Jack Johnson.

Seeing all these people come by to help, and having so many people step up with donations not only for the auction but to sell with proceeds going to Joc, was certainly moving.

For me, the great thing was seeing how big of an impact Jocylynn has had on so many people. Jocylynn sends a lot of good energy out into the world which clearly has affected people in the most positive way.

We had well over 1500 people come by through out the day.

We are still accepting donations on her behalf. And, after the holidays, we will continue to feature weekly auction items that will benefit Jocylynn’s continued recovery.

The total of all funds including donations raised came to $31,000.

Chuck Patton


Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

(Ed. Note: In the early hours of Nov. 22, 27-year-old Breeland and a friend were watching a train go by near the Beech Street crossing west of Kettner Boulevard when they attempted to jump onto the slow-moving train. Her companion was successful but Breeland lost her footing and was hit by a tanker car that took her right arm and the toes of her right foot.)