Fun facts about braces for the February holidays: the connection between Valentine’s Day, President’s Day and orthodontic treatments


By Robert Sunstein, DDS

Throughout January and February, both of which are wintry months that leave many of us craving a fun distraction from the workday world, most people jump at the chance for a holiday – whether it is simply a day off from work on President’s day or an evening dedicated to celebrating romance with a special Valentine. And while the connection between these winter holidays and the world of orthodontics may seem like a stretch, here are a few

fun facts about braces

that can help liven up the month of February for kids (and even adults) undergoing orthodontic treatment:
  • Customize braces for Valentine’s Day: one of the perks of orthodontic braces is the ability to change bracket and rubber band colors to suit your mood – or, in the case of Valentine’s Day, to help celebrate a festive occasion. Kids can dress up their braces with red, pink and white…and continually customize their colors for other holidays, school events, Halloween and more.
  • Remember George Washington’s wooden teeth?: President’s Day is celebrated on the third Monday in February every year to commemorate the birthdays of both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln – and for parents, teachers and dental professionals alike, the nation’s first president constitutes a prime example of orthodontics and dental health in history. During the 18thcentury, wooden dentures were the best solution available for tooth loss – a byproduct of crooked or misaligned teeth and subsequent periodontal disease. Most children are familiar with the story of George Washington’s wooden teeth; but by using President’s Day as a teachable moment, adults can reinforce the importance of proper dental care and oral hygiene, and explain how and why braces work to keep teeth healthy (and natural) for years to come.

Family-oriented orthodontics: comfort, convenience and education for La Jolla patients

At our

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office, we refer to ourselves as the Sunny Smile Specialists. We take this title seriously; and that means working hard to ensure that our patients have the best possible experience under our care. For children and adults alike, orthodontic braces can seem like an inconvenience and a challenge: our mission is to teach our patients how and why to keep their teeth healthy, and to make the treatment process fun, informative, comfortable and efficient for optimal results and patient satisfaction.

Happy Valentine’s Day and happy President’s Day to our La Jolla community. Enjoy the festivities, and feel free to contact us at any time for more information and facts about children’s orthodontics, adult braces and oral health: