‘Frost/Nixon’ is a slick, riveting boxing match

The timely “Frost/Nixon,” directed by Ron Howard, centers on the unlikely quest of British talk show host David Frost (Michael Sheen) to nab the first extensive television interview with the disgraced president.

Frost is an underdog to say the least. More of a celebrity than a journalist, Frost wants high ratings and U.S. fame - not a Pulitzer. His team of American researchers is far more personally driven to get the truth out of the man who robbed their country of its political innocence.

Nixon and his far slicker team are confident they’ve found the perfect lightweight interviewer to begin his climb back to relevancy. When these vastly different men - with similarly misguided goals - meet, it’s a riveting and entertaining boxing match that eats up every one of the film’s 122 minutes.

Frank Langella’s performance as Nixon is astounding. With jowls twitching and eyes shifting, you are immersed in the man’s shame and delusions, and, just for a few fleeting seconds, you might even sympathize with him. But just a little.


  • Rated R
  • Grade: A
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