From red carpet glamour to country garden elegance: get the latest home décor trends for spring

By Symphony Home Décor

Keeping up with the latest

home décor trends

may seem like a daunting task; but this spring, unlikely sources of inspiration make it easy for homeowners to get on-trend ideas that suit their individual styles. From sultry black, silver and gunmetal textiles straight off this year’s Oscars red carpet to gentle floral accents evocative of spring beauty and abundance, there’s something out there for everyone. The key is blending fabrics and details to create the right aesthetic for your home.

New ideas for livening up your living space

Last month’s Academy Awards ceremony featured a number of A-list starlets dressed in shimmering black, silver and gunmetal gowns, complete with plenty of sparkling metallic accents. While most of us may lack the need for a floor-length gown of our own, we can integrate a touch of Hollywood glamour into our home décor with lush gunmetal textiles for throw pillows, lampshades and even bedspreads. Add a luxe touch to your bedroom with black silks and satins, or complement a modernist look with gunmetal gray pillows.

Not a fan of dark interiors? Or perhaps you are in the market for something to help ease the transition into spring? Look no further than the humble rose, a perennial favorite of interior decorators for centuries – and a surprisingly versatile accent that can be as modern, crisp or cosmopolitan as it can be cottage-y and shabby chic. According to a recent report for

The Huffington Post

, roses are cropping up in a number of design collections across the country. From wall art to wallpaper, throw pillows to curtains and bedspreads, consider a fresh take on the rose with unusual color palettes or vintage patterns.

Of course, for every trendsetter among us, there will also be a traditionalist, a modernist, and a maverick that simply wants a way to bring his or her own ideas to life. No matter which category you fall into, the best way to ensure home décor pieces that complement your taste and living space alike is to consult the experts. At

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