Frank Carter of Peaks Coaching in La Jolla can help clients improve work, home life

By Marti Gacioch

Dr. Frank Carter, Ph.D. has coached families and businesses in both La Jolla and around the country for 16 years through his company, Peaks Coaching, and explains how the two are interconnected.

“I target the family unit and bring people a broader perspective of how the messages we’ve received from our parents since childhood later influence our success in business, the community, our marriage and our child-raising,” Carter said. “When you coach a person about how they manage their business and business relationships, you discuss their ability to get along with people, and that leads to discussing their other relationships, including families. Talking about families brings up a discussion about their marriage and their interaction with their children.”

Carter said his clients seek help with daily living issues, including work, marriage, children and other circumstances. While their issues vary, the common solution is gaining an understanding of how their parents’ messages affect their ways of communicating at every level of their lives, and how learning more effective communication techniques can improve their lives.

“Clients’ business issues are really about their problems with people, and how they behave at work overflows to how they behave at home with their family; it’s all tied together,” Carter said.

While he works only with adults, he said he’s found that the work is really about the children, and the parents learning how to communicate better with them.

He uses a three-phase process with his clients to help them bring about the changes they seek. First, he takes a thorough history of the individual, then he teaches them tools to use to improve their situations, and then clients begin to use his proprietary tools and method to effect transformations.

Carter compares the human brain to an onion with the issues clients dealing with at the core. “That means peeling back the layers by getting the client to talk about the behaviors modeled to them by their parents,” he said. “You have to probe the emotional pattern that led them to their current set of circumstances.”

Today, neuroscience is looking more closely at the significance of emotions and how they influence our reasoning, memories and subsequent behaviors. Peaks Coaching emphasizes the importance of emotions on success in business and in family life.

Carter said the chief indicator of his coaching success appears in the diminished anger, sadness and fears that lay behind his clients’ daily activities.

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