Four Pacific Beach homes raided in crackdown on pot-growing

Authorities raided four Pacific Beach homes Wednesday as part of a crackdown on marijuana cultivation in the area, arresting four suspected dealers and seizing hundreds of cannabis plants along with guns and stashes of cash.

Members of the multi-agency San Diego Narcotics Task Force served warrants simultaneously at three residences in the 1800 block of Law Street and one in the 2300 block of Chalcedony Street about 7 a.m., said Amy Roderick of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

Each of the houses contained a “fairly sophisticated” indoor marijuana- growing operation, according to Roderick.

Taken into custody were Van Carter, 49, Gregory Goodwin, 38, Ian McDonald, 31, and Guillermo Perez, 46. The men, all of whom surrendered peacefully, were expected to be booked on charges of cultivating cannabis and possessing the drug for sale.

The roughly 400 living plants were sufficient in size and number to produce about $350,000 worth of street-sale marijuana three or four time a year, Roderick said.

The task force, made up of personnel from local, state and federal agencies, also seized about 10 pounds worth of harvested cannabis, nearly $30,000 in suspected drug proceeds, small amounts of methamphetamine and hallucinogenic psilocybin mushrooms, a pistol and a shotgun.