Former ambassador welcomes new UCSD freshmen, transfers

[gallery columns="2"]UCSD alumnus Timothy Roemer, who recently served as U.S. Ambassador to the India after serving in the United States House of Representatives and as a 9/11 commissioner, was the keynote speaker for the university’s Convocation on Tuesday.

He welcomed the 6,753 new freshmen and transfer students and also spoke at the evening’s dinner.

He was on of 10 people on the 9/11 commission, who interviewed 1,200 witnesses and examined 2.5 million documents. The commission worked to understand why the 9/11 attacks had not been prevented and how to stop such attacks in the future.

Roemer, who earned a bachelor’s degree from UCSD in 1979, attended Notre Dame where he received a Ph.D. in American government. In a press release prior to the event, he said, his message to the students “is simple and clear: While we are experiencing challenging economic times, they have the unique opportunity to grow and learn here and contribute to America’s historic place in the world to make change and achieve their dreams.”