Flavors for the Summer of 2010: Here’s the scoop on new treats


By Emily DeRuy


Frozen treats are enjoyable year round, but ice cream parlors and yogurt shacks pull out all the stops for the summer months. Here’s your guide to the new creations of 2010, they run the gamut from fresh and fruity to decadent and rich.

Whether you’re window-shopping along Prospect Street or taking a bike ride through UCSD, there’s a sweet treat nearby that’s sure to brighten your day.

Stop by La Jolla staple Froglander’s for a cup of their new Raspberry Pomegranate sorbet, or grab a cone of Red Velvet Cake. Yogurt Escape boasts Sweet Coconut, while Dolci Mango has whipped up a new Coconut Cream Pie yogurt. Not sold? Opt for their Pistachio or Peanut Butter flavors instead.

If you’re around UCSD, be sure to check out Yogurt World and relax with a cup of Green Tea Tart yogurt.

If ice cream is more your style, head to the Cold Stone Creamery and sample their newcomer: Chocolate Peanut Butter. Need a pick-me-up? Try Ben and Jerry’s Bonanza, a coffee-flavored ice cream that’s sure to put a spring in your step.

Or pick up a Caramel Mocha shake at Haagen-Dazs. Baskin-Robbins is gearing up for the 4th of July with the reveal of America’s Birthday Cake, a strawberry and cake flavored treat capped off with blue whipped cream.

Every day is a new flavor day at Yogen Fruz, where your imagination is the limit. Are you a fan of berries? Watch as they blend your custom Blueberry Raspberry dessert. Tutti Frutti, Gelateria Frizzante and Yogi Topi are ready for the warmer months by offering light and refreshing fruity creations.

TF Yogurt boasts a Margarita flavor even the kids can enjoy, while Golden Spoon has a Kahlua and Cream the whole family will love.

La Jolla stores:


7470 La Jolla Blvd.

(858) 459-5353

Cotton Candy, Watermelon Chip, America’s Birthday Cake

Ben and Jerry’s

(in Westfield UTC)

4545 La Jolla Village Drive

(858) 623-6990

Bonanza (Coffee flavored), Milk and Cookies, Maple Blondie

Cold Stone Creamery

909 Prospect St., Suite 225

(858) 454-2300

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Dolci Mango

7521 Fay Ave.

(858) 551-8989

Coconut Cream Pie, Pistachio, Peanut Butter


915 Pearl St., Suite A

(858) 459-3764

Red Velvet Cake, Raspberry Pomegranate Sorbet, Cinnamon Bun

Gelateria Frizzante

1025 Prospect St., Suite 130

(858) 454-5798

Watermelon Sorbet

Golden Spoon

(in Ralphs)

8657 Villa La Jolla Drive

(858) 622-0636

Kahlua and Cream, Pistachio, Banana, Yuzu (Asian citrus)

Haagen-Dazs Sho

p1172 Prospect St.

(858) 459-4381

Try a decadent milkshake

Oh Goodies

955 Prospect St.

(858) 551-5550

Peanut Butter Cup is most popular

TF Yogurt

8855 Villa La Jolla Drive,

Suite 400

(858) 587-6778


Tutti Frutti

4150 Regents Park Row

(858) 678-0235

New flavors, such as Pink Lemonade, each week

Yogurt Escape

2134 Avenida de la Playa

(858) 456-2000

Dulce De Leche, Sweet Coconut, Hershey Kiss

Yogen Fruz

(in Westfield UTC)

4545 La Jolla Village Drive

(858) 248-7492

Customize your own flavors, such as Strawberry Melon or Strawberry Peach Mango

Yogi Topi

7501 La Jolla Blvd.

(858) 456-1334

No-Sugar-Added Cappuccino, Forest Berry

Yogurt World

9500 Gilman Drive

(858) 558-8989

Multiple Tart flavors available

The Cold, Hard Facts Quiz

  1. What state makes the most ice cream? California (followed by Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Michigan).
  2. What day of the week sees the most ice cream sold? Sunday.
  3. How many licks does it take to polish off a single-scoop ice cream cone? Approximately 50.
  4. What percentage of American homes buys ice cream? 98 percent.
  5. Who eats the most ice cream? Children ages 2 through 12, and adults age 45-plus, eat the most ice cream per person.


Yearning for Yogurt?

Although called frozen yogurt, yogurt is never truly frozen, but contains ice crystals formed by the water in the product. Like ice cream, the most critical ingredients to frozen yogurt are water and air. These two elements provide volume to the end product.

Milk fat and sweeteners are also part of the main ingredients in frozen yogurt. Milk fat provides the body of flavor while sweeteners are part of what makes the yogurt more sweet than tangy. Source: