Five named science fellows


Five professors at UCSD have been named 2009 Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Don W. Cleveland, Steve A. Kay, Kimberly Prather, Michael G. Rosenfeld and Robert Schmidt were among 531 individuals selected to be honored.

Cleveland, professor and chair of cellular and molecular medicine, was cited for “pioneering discoveries of the mechanisms of chromosome movement and cell cycle control and of neuronal cell death in inherited human neurodegenerative disease.”

Kay, professor and dean of the Division of Biological Sciences, was cited for “contributions to our understanding of the molecular architecture of circadian clocks in plants, fruit flies and mammals.”

Prather, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, was cited for “contributions to the field of atmospheric chemistry through the development and application of instrumentation to determine the impact of aerosols on atmospheric chemistry and climate.”

Rosenfeld, professor of medicine, was cited for “contributions to the field of molecular biology, particularly in the areas of hormone action and transcriptional control.”

Schmidt, professor of biology, was cited for “contributions to our understanding of the role of genes that regulate vegetative and reproductive development of maize and underlie its domestication from teosinte.”