First graders serve up their top turkey recipes

La Jolla Light asked the first grade classes of Nancy Rice, Stephanie Cole and Lisa Popovich - all from La Jolla Elementary School - the following question: How do you make a Thanksgiving turkey?

Look out, Bobby Flay. These students are about ready to challenge you to a turkey throwdown.

First you get a turkey at a stor. 2. Then you rost it. 3. You get his legs and tie them. 4. Eat and enjoy.

  • Clark
Fuerst you get the thanksgiving turkey ferum the stoer. Then you mak it. Thn you servit. Then eit and enjoy. Yum yum!

  • Landon
First the people cut it then they biy it and wosh it and put it in the uven and you wat when its dun when its finisht you eat it.

  • Kimberly
First sneek up behind a tree and then you throw the net on the turkey and then cill him and go back home. And then you scwes the jouce out and then put it in the oven and let it cook and then take it out and eat it.


first the person who works there kills it and then they put it on the shelf and then someone buys it and cokes it and then they have a thanksgiving fest.

  • Kennedy
If I had turkey I wod have a feest! Thanksgiving is fun for me and my family so every holidaty is fun for me and my family. I help my mom decorate decorateing is fun because pepele see my decorations. I go out to dinner.

  • Annika
I never made one but if I made one I wood pute gravey on it and buter on it and eat and injoy! I love turkey!!!!!!

  • Ava
1st you buy turkey. 2st you cook it. 3rd you put stuff on it. 4th you eat and enjoy. 5th good job!

  • Adam
Ferst you put yoer toping on then you put the woter on then you put it in the uvin and set the time then you let it cool down then you et it.

  • Paxton

  1. frst you hafto buya turkey. 2. you can dep fiyit uor you can do it bao you avr you do it. 2. then you wat for lo aoyrs or so. 4. then onec it’s don then you stuf it. 5. then you can eat and agoy. The End.

  • Halle
Get ther legs and tiy them up. Then you kill it. Then you tak the blud out and the bons. And eat and enjoy mmm!

  • Arturo

  1. first you buy a ded turkey. 2. then you put it in the uven. 3. then you let it cool. 4. then you eat and engoy mmm.

  • Caeley
Too make a turkey you can put stuffing on it. 2. You hafto tiy a turkeys legs. You can hunt a turkey or buy one. 3. You have to cook a turkey and then you can eat and enjoy.

  • Jon-Jon
My grandmo makes relly good turkey, but I never made one before. But if I wood make one. I wood put gravy on it and sugar on it. It is yummy and then cary it it look’s yummy, and funny you cant wat to eat it.

  • Emily
First you cill a turkey then you put it in the uven and then you eat it and enjoy.


I have never made a turkey befor but if I made a turkey I would put lots and lots of gravy. Some times I can help my mom to make my turkey for me to eat. I have never made a turkey feast but I bet it would be very ver good. The End.

  • Caleb

  1. Buy it. 2. Wash it. 3. Stuff it. 4. Put some butter on it. 5. Take the bones out. 6. cook it. 7. eat it.