Fifth-graders create outdoor classroom


Bird Rock Elementary’s 2008-2009 fifth-grade class created an outdoor classroom as a gift to the school. The new space was created and coordinated by Shannon Cunningham and Kathy Broekema and features planters for science, a teacher’s storytelling chair and seating for the students, all custom built and donated by Michael Rossbacher.

The highlight of the space is a colorful mosaic of handmade tiles made by the students. All 70 fifth-graders were asked to choose a special memory of their time at Bird Rock, then stamp that memory into clay. The result is a wave of thoughts beginning with “what a wonderful world” and ending with “what a wonderful school.” Each of the 800-plus tiles was hand laid under the direction of Gary Wasserman, a volunteer and fellow fifth-grade parent.

The fifth-graders renamed the space “the kids corner” and hope that all the future students at Bird Rock Elementary will enjoy their gift.