Fed up with the La Jolla Cove stench? It’s time to let city officials know!

Since January, the

La Jolla Light

has been reporting on the nauseating odor that fills the air along the Cove coastline that is caused by marine wildlife excrement rotting on the cliffs. Pedestrians, joggers, seaside diners, merchants, visitors and residents alike, have all voiced their disgust at the situation. Meanwhile, the stench is growing infamous, as we’ve learned from one La Jollan, who told the Light that while vacationing in Germany, he mentioned he was from La Jolla, only to hear, “Oh, La Jolla? That place stinks.”

Das ist schrecklich!

Since January, a group of residents have come together to solve the foul odor problem, locating a biodegradable cleaning solution to remove the excrement, the funds to pay for it, and the work crew to do the job. (One is Prefered Water Alternative, a non-toxic, biomass agent derived from pomegranate and chia seeds used at dairy farms and zoos for eliminating odiferous smells.)

Holding up the process are the governing bureaucracies that do not want to get involved by approving the project. They point fingers, cite possible environmental and legal ramifications, demand permits, and require maps, impact studies and professional consultations.

But motivated La Jollans will not be put off any longer. They are scrambling to meet these demands, especially since the recent heat wave has made the stench along the Cove absolutely unbearable some days — bad for people and business!

La Jolla’s civic leaders maintain that they’ve done the due diligence required to ensure their plans to clean the poopy rocks will be safe for marine life and protect against cliff erosion.

Realizing strength comes in numbers, and the squeaky wheel gets the grease, they now ask for your support.

Voice it in the form of a phone call or e-mail message to the following point people who have the power to set the cliff-cleaning project in motion:


• Deputy Director of Developed Regional Parks

Kathleen Hasenauer


Phone: (619) 235-1157

• Deputy Director of Beaches and Shoreline Parks

Dan Daneri

E-mail: ddaneri@

Phone: (619) 235-5914

• District 1 City Council

Sherri Lightner


Phone: (619) 236-6611