Faulconer, Alvarez to face off in runoff election

Republican candidate and city councilmember Kevin Faulconer will face off against Democratic candidate and fellow city councilmember David Alvarez in a runoff election in February 2014.

A special election was held Nov. 19 to determine San Diego’s next mayor, in which Faulconer received just over 43 percent of the votes, Alvarez just over 25 percent and Assemblymember Nathan Fletcher received just over 24 percent. Fletcher announced today (Nov. 20) he conceded the election and announced his support for Alvarez.

Because no candidate received the 51 percent of the votes required to be declared mayor, a runoff election will occur.

Per City News Service, Faulconer thanked San Diegans for their votes in the race and said he couldn’t wait to “hit the ground running’’ for the runoff campaign.

“When we started this campaign, we said we were going to have an opportunity to get our city back on track, and tonight, we took a huge step forward to do exactly that,’' he said.

Alvarez campaigned on strengthening San Diego’s neighborhoods, saying on election night, “We’ve proven if we worked together, worked hard and share real values with people about hard work, about dedication, that anything is possible.”

The special election was brought about by former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner’s resignation in August, when he was under fire for sexual harassment and being investigated for various other transgressions.