Family surprises Bird Rock homeowner with Christmas lights


By Dave Schwab

Staff Writer

On Nov. 21, a crew from SD Party Lights finished installing a cross with 5,000 lights on a palm tree at the Kholi home on Sea Ridge Drive in Bird Rock.

Because of the distance, they were not able to use a lift to do the work. Instead, Jonathan Davis, the lead installer who has a background in mountain climbing, as well as military search and rescue, used professional grade ropes to get up the tree to finish the job on the 65-foot-tall tree. The cross measures 20 feet across.

According to the company’s website at, “When he came down he said it was a bit chilly up there, but that he could see the entire city.”

Homeowner Sam Kohli owns a trucking company with “Jesus Christ Is Lord Not A Swear Word” on the side of his vehicles, said his sister Laverne Kohli.

She said it cost $10,000 initially to set up the tree cross, adding more is being added for the Christmas display including lighted figures of Jesus and Mary. “

It’s going to be on a timer and the lights will be on from when it gets dark until light the next morning until Jan. 6,” said Laverne Kohli, who added that her brother “wants to spread the message not to swear in the name of Jesus, and also the lights celebrate the birth of Christ.” She said the display was a surprise for her brother who was out of town.