Family support matters in surfing

One of the greatest attractions of surfing is you feel like a part of a family, a tribe.

It’s been said that once a surfer touches the ocean water he is connected to the whole wide world. There is something amazing about surfing that transcends language, color of eyes and personal religion.

As all the drops of salt water make up the ocean, all the individual surfers make surfing what it is. No matter where a person comes from or what he believes, if he surfs, then he is a surfer and a member of the global surfing community.

We all need family. We all need family backup and to give back to family.

Swells turn into waves that, upon reaching shore, return to the ocean to help those who will come after. Such is the cycle of life. Children grow up to become adults and have more children. People born in love grow up to produce more love.

Every dream is closer to realization with family support. We are like a piece of driftwood floating alone in the ocean of life without family support. A good family man nourishes his family with love and support, drawing strength and joy from his family’s love and support. Love is the true shelter and happiness, the nourishment of which all families need to be healthy and thrive.

The art of wave riding has always been a family affair since the very beginning of surfing. Husbands and wives, sons and daughters, uncles, aunties, nephews and nieces have participated in the individual, yet common, surfing experience.

Surfing together gave participants a greater feeling of unity and togetherness. All watched out and protected one another, practicing the aloha spirit towards one another.

It was important for families to work together in the early days of surfing. It was just as important for families to share and play together. Being a part of a family meant being able to count on your family and have your family count on you.

Dorian Paskowitz - lifeguard, nutritionist, author, doctor and storyteller - gave up a successful career as a doctor to surf and raise a family as naturally as he could.

Choosing a life of merit and meaning over a medical career, Paskowitz always put his family first. He is a fascinating man who is a strict dietitian. He knows firsthand the value of good nutrients for health.

In addition to feeding the body, the former physician knows how important it is to feed the mind. He knows the value and responsibility it takes to be the head of a family.

A true family man, Paskowitz, along with his wife, spread the family love way beyond the Paskowitz clan. Everyone who has ever come in contact with him has benefited from the honest family and life principles he expounds and personifies.

As far back as the early 1970s, Paskowitz shared the aloha spirit as he taught surfing and health at Palomar College. He also was credited with founding the very first surfing school in California circa 1972 before there was such a thing as a surfing school.

Thousands of people have learned surfing and the aloha spirit from a man who selflessly shared when he really did not have to share. Does anyone know the first person to bring a surfboard into Israel? Dorian Paskowitz.

Today, Paskowitz is in his 80s and still surfing, lifeguarding, writing and sharing the family spirit of aloha with everyone he meets. He lives part time in Hawaii, part time in California. His son, Israel, now carries on the family tradition of teaching surfing with integrity and honor.

Family helping family makes for a strong family. Family is everything.