Fall quarter begins for UCSD

By City News Service

About 29,000 students will begin the fall quarter at UC San Diego on Thursday, kicking off the school’s 50th anniversary year.

The student body will include 3,950 freshmen, who had an overall average grade-point average of 3.98, and a record 2,600 transfer students, an increase of 35 percent, according to UCSD officials. The GPA of the transfers was 3.42.

“It’s especially exciting to welcome such an impressive new student body to celebrate the university’s remarkable achievements during our anniversary year,” Chancellor Marye Anne Fox said.

UCSD will hold a number of events over the course of the school year to celebrate the anniversary.

The campus was rocked during the last school year by an off-campus party in February that poked fun at Black History Month, leading to demonstrations by minority students.

The Black Student Union and administration reached an agreement on increasing minority enrollment.

The university announced that the number of what it calls “under-represented” students in the freshman class increased by 23 percent.

The pupils will enjoy a number of new programs this year, including a one-stop wellness center, improved menus at campus dining halls, access to food grown by local farmers, a better car-pooling program and a new textbook rental service.